About us
Our team is a comprised of top professionals from around the world. We provide unparalleled services to our portfolio companies. Team members enjoy unprecedented opportunities to transform multiple technology companies, in a variety of industries, working alongside other world-class professionals.
Divoro is an exclusive provider of technology and consulting services to Diversis Capital, a top global investment fund for software and technology-enabled organizations.
Divoro at a glance
Providing services
1800 people
Providing shared services
7 countries
Current and former companies
14 companies
Our main values
We are committed to protect present and to secure the future for our customers and our team
Develop People
We believe that our success depends on the success of every member of our team. We continually develop people professionally and encourage them to develop personally.
We strive to be the best in what we do by focusing on few, but most important things.
We take ownership for all areas of work. It is our job to deliver results individually and as a team.
Keep It Simple
There are always smarter ways to work and deliver results. We continuously challenge ourselves to find more simple ways to deliver success and protect our customers.
Help Others
The Secret of Living is Giving!
That is why we are committed to come along-side people & companies to help them to succeed.
Enjoy Life
We believe that persons' work should be their hobby. We seek people who will enjoy what they do as much as we do.
Advisor, CISO
Sergey Samedov
Our team is comprised of the world's best minds that are focused to deliver results to our portfolio companies.
Meet our leadership
Ken Caton
Yoshi Okayama
Oded Noy
Operating Partner, CIO
Operating Partner, CTO
Senior Operating Partner
— Ramakant Pandrangi, CTO at FORM.com
Divoro team became an integral part of our company. They have guided us through ISO 27001 and continue to lead us through rough waters of cybersecurity & compliance as we serve our customers in over 40 countries providing them technology solution in data collection.
Divoro throughout the world
We provide world class services to companies all over the world
USA • Canada • Iceland • UK • Poland • Ukraine • Australia
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